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Xiyuefa Group was founded in 1984, focusing on the road industry for more than 30 years, is a high-tech enterprise with the whole industry chain of road material research and development and production, road testing, new construction, maintenance and regeneration as the core business. It has 1 research center, 3 laboratories, 7 production bases, 18 domestic and foreign experts, 5 business segments, 51 national patents, leading and participating in the compilation of more than 30 local, industrial and national standards.

The company has a number of professional contracting qualifications such as highway engineering construction general contracting Level 1, municipal public engineering, construction engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction general contracting Level B and traffic safety, and has a full set of road maintenance qualifications, and has the comprehensive strength to participate in PPP, EPC+F, BOT and BT projects. Subordinate Xiyuefa International Environmental Protection New Materials Co., LTD., listed on the New Third Board innovation layer (stock code: 872538), is a key listed backup enterprise in Shanxi Province.

Over the years, the company has donated more than 58 million yuan in public welfare poverty alleviation and charitable donations, and has won honorary titles such as "China Special Contribution Award for Poverty alleviation", "Shanxi Province contract-honoring and Trustworthy Unit", "Shanxi Province Outstanding Socialist Builder with Characteristics" and "Shanxi Province Spiritual Civilization Unit". The company is the director of the China Highway Society, the vice chairman of the maintenance and management branch, the "National highway science popularization Education Base" identified by the Ministry of Communications, the "National circular economy standardization enterprise" identified by the National Development and Reform Commission, and the national specialized special new "little giant" enterprise identified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.